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Optimism Collective projects

What You Need to Know About Optimism (L2) for Ethereum

For newcomers encountering the Ethereum network for the first time, the sluggishness and costliness of transactions might raise concerns. Despite Ethereum’s evident leadership among ecosystem blockchains, it does not always meet user demands from a technical standpoint. How Optimism Works The Optimism protocol aims to scale the Ethereum main network […]

crypto-ready jurisdiction

Cryptocurrency Prowess: Top-Ranked Countries in 2023

Countries were evaluated based on the prevalence of cryptocurrency, infrastructure, and regulatory frameworks. According to the Worldwide Crypto Readiness report, Hong Kong emerged as the most crypto-ready jurisdiction in 2023.  Hong Kong, Switzerland, and the USA Secure Top Spots Hong Kong maintains its position at the forefront of the Forex […]

Bitsgap — Automating Crypto Trading with Trading Bots

As the popularity of digital assets continues to rise, the demand for optimizing trading processes and improving results has led many market participants to embrace trading bots. These automated tools execute repetitive tasks, conduct trades based on pre-set parameters, and enable users to profit without constant chart monitoring. Since 2016, […]

United States Dollar Tether

Cryptodollar: The Role of USDT in Global Finance

In 2023, a significant global demand for USD liquidity was observed among companies without access to the U.S. financial market. Countries require dollars to service government debts and facilitate trade, yet the United States restricts these flows to maintain leverage. Cryptocurrencies have introduced a new, convenient, and cost-effective way for […]