As the popularity of digital assets continues to rise, the demand for optimizing trading processes and improving results has led many market participants to embrace trading bots. These automated tools execute repetitive tasks, conduct trades based on pre-set parameters, and enable users to profit without constant chart monitoring. Since 2016, Bitsgap has provided solutions to simplify trading, offering a range of crypto bots.

Bitsgap Overview

Established in Estonia in 2016, Bitsgap initially served as a cloud platform for arbitraging digital assets across six cryptocurrency exchanges. Over time, it evolved into a full-fledged trading terminal with automated bots.

Platform Features

Bitsgap serves as a comprehensive ecosystem for automated cryptocurrency trading, featuring:

  1. Trading Bots:
  • The platform offers various programmed tools suitable for various strategies, including Grid, DCA, futures, and scalping.
  1. Futures Trading:
  • Bitsgap allows users to set up Combo BOT and DCA Futures Bot, catering to the relatively few platforms supporting bot creation for futures trading.
  1. Technical Analysis Tools:
  • The trading terminal includes indicators and a summary of cryptocurrency technical analysis, aiding in making informed decisions regarding coin purchases and sales.

trading bots

Trading Bots

Bitsgap offers automated spot and futures trading programs that cater to various market conditions. These bots allow users to open long and short positions and trade during market consolidation. The available tools include:


Suited for trading in sideways markets with low volatility, the GRID Bot sets a grid of orders around the current asset price, automatically placing new orders when the price reaches specified values.


Implements the Dollar Cost Averaging strategy, enabling users to regularly purchase cryptocurrency at a fixed price, regardless of its current value. Two DCA bots are available for spot and futures trading.

BTD Bot (Buy the Dip)

Monitors market price changes, buying cryptocurrency during price dips and selling during upward movements.

Smart Trading

Bitsgap provides an advanced trading terminal with integrated charts from TradingView, offering over 170 indicators and 50 tools for technical analysis. Traders can place various order types, including:

  1. Take Profit (TP)
  2. Stop Loss (SL)
  3. Trailing TP/SL
  4. OCO (One Cancels Other)
  5. Scaled

How to Launch a Bot and Connect to an Exchange

To begin trading on the Bitsgap platform, users must create an account by entering their email address, creating a secure password, and confirming their registration through a link.