After a massive PR blitz, a billboard, videos, huge Twitter campaigns, and a 45 minute voice AMA on SatoshiStreetBets with thumbs up from three mods and the entire community there, we unfortunately have seen no appreciable impact to the token holders or value. If those things aren’t making an impact, we’re honestly not sure what will. And we are running out of money with no path to gaining more beyond going into debt.

To that end, the admin team has decided to close ELONPEG. I know this is disappointing for those who have supported this project and I wish it wasn’t the case. But I do not want to drag this on telling people “wait, get more, hodl” when we can see no path to where we need to be. At 4PM UTC August 31st (12PM Eastern Time) we will be turning off taxes and renouncing the contract to allow everyone to exit. The marketing wallet and other project funds will NOT be sold for another 24-48 hours to give everyone time to get out of the token. 

This was a very hard decision but ultimately without any forward growth, supporting and trying to build on ELONPEG is not bringing us any closer to our former ATH, or beyond. The BSC space is a madhouse and is fickle, and I believe that we created an amazing project, but the timing just didn’t work out. I have held on throughout the entire life of ELONPEG and sunk personal money into it, as have many others of the core team, and we are incredibly sad to see the project end where it has. However, it is the most prudent thing to do at this point.

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